About Us

Imagine a place where the entrepreneur can welcome his clients and have a professional image; he has an office, a conference room and a receptionist at his disposal. Now imagine that he also has a technical team, a marketing team or even a sales team. Imagine that you have access to the same resources as large companies but with the means of the small ones. This power, it’s Nuage B.

Nuage B is a cloud of accessible and affordable resources. It is a network of individuals and companies committed to your success.

Nuage B’s unwavering mission is to offer the best shared services for small businesses by creating accessible and well tailored workspaces. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs and company leaders by providing them with the appropriate services.

  • 2business centers in 2 countries (Canada / France)
  • 5 conference rooms accomodating from3 to 70 people
  • 32 coworking work station
  • 44 private offices
  • 1500 ft2 of office space
  • More than a hundred statisfied clients